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Welcome To Minuteman Boat Handling Equipment

Minuteman Boat Handling Equipment was established in 1976 to manufacture Boat Handling equipment for the marine industry. Products included Hydraulic Boat Trailers, Boat Hoists, Boat Racks, Boat Dollies, Dock Lifts, Boat Lifting Slings and custom boat handling equipment.

  • Minuteman provides high quality boat handling products and constantly improves the designs.
  • We are equipped to handle project of most sizes.
  • Minuteman is committed to provide the highest quality and workmanship.
  • Our welders and mechanics are highly qualified in every aspect, with years of experience in building high quality boat handling equipment.
  • We use only US made of the shelve components as much as possible.
  • All our products can be customized to your specific needs.
  • Minuteman can recondition or repair any trailer.
  • Minuteman will take your trailer in trade.


  • Main frame is of heavy wall box beam construction
  • Self contained hydraulic unit with overload protection
  • Manual, Remote or Wireless control
  • Fail-Safe piston locking valves
  • Nitrated piston rods
  • Hydraulic hoses and wires are inside of tubular frame
  • DOT standard LED lights, with shock absorbent rubber gromets
  • Pivot points with grease fittings. Pivot pins stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty axles with hydraulic disc or air drum brakes
  • Side to Side or 180 degrees pivoting rear arms
  • Easy to handle aluminum or oak load carrying beams
  • Sling type drop beams
  • All trailers are hot dip galvanized
  • Our welders and mechanics are highly qualified in every aspect with years of experience
  • Minuteman trailers are designed for maximum versatility to your needs
  • Only high quality components are being used
  • A variety of hitch options are available. Pintle hitch, Gooseneck, Mini 5th wheel, Standard 5th wheel
  • Manual, remote on a wire, or wireless hydraulic and air control valves
  • Each hydraulic piston can be independently operated
  • Boats can be loaded or unloaded from the trailer without the use of a crane either from land or a boat ramp
  • Every effort is made that all expandable parts (bearings, seals, hydraulic fittings) are available at your local heavy duty parts dealer
  • Minuteman Boat Handling Equipment, Inc. guarantees the complete trailer, excluding hydraulic hoses and electrical wires for a period of one (1) year from date of delivery. If during that time any individual part of an assembly should fail to function properly, it will be replaced at no charge. Any apparent misuse will void the warranty.
  • MINUTEMAN has been servicing the Marine Industry since 1976
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